ISTANBUL- Startup Weekend 19.07.2013 DEMO LIST!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend ISTANBUL July 19/2013.

Interested in watching the pitches? Just drop by @GirisimFabrikasıAvrupa


We help people find perfect roommates and landlords find perfect tenants.

Some people are direct buyers while others are hesitant to reach the final steps to pay for various reasons (time limit, on vacation, budgetary issues, to review other products before buying). Wishlizt serves to organize and put these items all in one place and helps you keep track of what you and your friends wished for (spy on them) and think of buying later some time. We aim for this `usage gap`

Takım 2 kişiden oluşmakta. Baki Gezgen gömülü sistemler ve web tasarımı ve kanser araştırmaları üzerinde çalışmaktadır. Serhat Özperçin User experience ve marketing üzerine çalışmaktadır.

A mobile app that offer some advantages and deals to users in order to take some data related with social media and provide them to clothing firms as a pool but apply process with restricted policies due to not create spams.

Meetmee is web and mobile based social service which lets you discover people around you and also helps you to find extremen or unusual activity.

Pay Min
Yakıt tüketiminizi kontrol altına almak hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı. Paymin sürüş deneyimini analiz ederek, yakıt tasarrufu sağlayacağınız , “tamamen size özel” en uygun önerileri sunar.
Such an easy way to see your petrol consuming and take it under control.Here is paymin way, analyze your driving properties ,offer you data and statistics to let you reduce costs with personilized offers.

Match My Tag
The project match the people who has skills to sell to the people who needs those skills.

Follow this link to get more detail on teams